About Us

Caleb and Kelly were both profoundly changed when they met Christ in their late teens. It was around that same time as they became followers of Jesus that they went on their first individual trips to Europe; Caleb to Italy, Kelly to England. It was then that they each saw firsthand the great spiritual neediness across Europe. 

They met a couple years later, attending Central Christian College of the Bible, in Moberly, MO, following the calling pressed upon them to full-time ministry. Attracted by each other’s heart for following God and the joy and laughter they created together, they fell in love and were married in May of 2009. They lived in Columbia, MO, for a decade, having their three daughters, Lydia, Jovie and Imogen and involved with their local church. A difficult season of chronic pain and job hardship brought them to Phoenix, AZ, where God continued to heal and shape them.

It was in this desert season, they both felt convicted to be obedient to God’s calling in their life to full time ministry. They reached out to Kontaktmission, which Kelly had interned with, and began exploring what God may have in store. Through prayerful research they began to discern where God was leading them and finally after a year and a half of waiting through Covid, in September of 2021 they were able to take their first trip to Scotland.  They saw that “the harvest  is plentiful, but the workers few,” (Matt 9:37) and they desired to be a part of what God was already doing there.

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